The eWater
Standalone System

Our robust standalone system is simple to install and easy to use, making it a great choice for most organisations.

eWater Standalone System

Easy to use and on-demand, our wall mounted standalone system provides an endless supply of cleaning and sanitising solution at the push of a button. 


Our systems utilise your mains water and electricity, along with a salt brine. That’s it. No harsh or synthetic chemicals. No endless plastic consumables. No more PPE.

Cost Effective

Reduce the cost burden of endless chemical consumables that need to be managed and handled.


eWater is a proven and tested solution for a range of both sanitising and cleaning application.

eWater standalone system

Built for your business

Standalone Systems are versatile for all business types and applications. These systems are best installed at a dedicated workstation that optimises workflow and application.

Food Safe

HACCP certified food-safe cleaning and sanitising solution.

Prefect for Prep

Effective food wash and sanitiser with no effects on produce.

Front of House

Safe and versatile surface cleaner for front of house.


Emulsify fats, oils and grease.

Kill Bacteria

Effective at killing a wide range of bacteria including Listeria and E Coli.

Remove Bio-films

Eradicate bio-films formed by gram-negative and positive bacteria.

Gentle on Skin

No nasties means it is sensitive on skin. No more PPE.

Glass & Stainless

No residue glass and stainless cleaner.

Features & Benefits

With safety, effectiveness and sustainability core to eWater, the standalone system offers a range of benefits and features.

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Customer Stories

Learn how our customers are using standalone systems to ditch harsh chemicals.

Multi Building Cleaning Solution

ISS @ Griffith University

Griffith University are making strides towards their 2020 sustainability goal by implementing eWater across five of their campuses.

Working with Facilites Services company ISS, they chose to work with standalone systems that could be easily installed in a dedicated cleaning room in each campus.


Phil Woods
Customer Story Featured Image_mulberry

Aligning our values

Mulberry Group

“We have found eWater to be a wonderful and effective alternative to the conventional chemicals we have always used in the past.

The solutions are used across all our new venues and are effective, safer for our staff (and customers) and better for the environment.

Most importantly though – eWater importantly aligns with our values – as people and as an organisation.’

Nathan Toleman
Founder & CEO


Choosing the best system for you

We are here to help you choose the best system for your organisation.

Standalone System

eWS Standalone System

Best for organisations looking for a quick and easy setup that can be dedicated in a single area such as your prep sink or cleaning room.

Reticulated System

eWAter AY Outlets

Utilising a base plant with multiple dedicated outlet points for handwash and tap faucets, our reticulation gives you a complete integrated solution.

Interested in Rental?

Find out about our flexible and easy rental option to get eWater setup in your organisation with no upfront costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

eWater is a versatile solution that can be used across a wide range of applications and industries.

  • eWater Sanitiser is an effective all purpose sanitiser that can be used on high traffic touchpoints, surfaces, equipment, etc.
  • eWater Sanitiser is food safe and can be used to sanitise all fresh produce.
  • eWater Cleaner is an effective degreaser and can be used throughout kitchens.
  • eWater Cleaner is an effective surface, equipment, floor, window and glass cleaner.

See our product pages to download product data sheets or contact our team directly for more detailed information.

eWater Systems does not install systems directly. We have authorised technicians who we are able to recommend or alternatively we can work with your plumber.

Our team work with specifers and clients everyday to assist them designing an optimal solution for their projects. Contact our team if you would like to discuss how a reticulated system can work in your next project.

Electrolysed water is produced by segregating positive and negative ions from a salt solution to produce two solutions – Electrolysed Oxidised Water (eWater Sanitiser) and Electrolysed Reduced Water (eWater Cleaner).

eWater is produced by our electrolyser production system using only salt, tap water and electricity.

eWater is a completely safe and healthy solution with no harmful or volatile chemical ingredients. There is no requirement for PPE when using eWater.

  • eWater Cleaner has an indefinite shelf life provided it is stored appropriately.
  • eWater Sanitiser has an active shelf life of 7 days once produced from the system.

We love to help – Here are a few common questions we get asked about eWater. If your question isn’t here, try our knowledge base or get in touch.

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Find out more about the smart simple technology that creates eWater and what it can do.


Looking for a solution that is more than just effective? eWater is safe and environmentally friendly.

Food Safety

eWater is an accepted food safe solution and can easily be integrated into your food safety plan.


eWater delivers robust sustainability credentials to your organisation. Find out more from the link below.

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