A Cleaner Approach to Hygiene

eWater takes old science and pairs it with modern technology to create a powerful hygiene system with no nasty chemicals.

How it all works

eWater utilises smart environmentally friendly technology to generate an endless supply of safe and effective cleaning and sanitising solution.

eWater Sink


The Science

eWater is an electrolysed water technoloy, created by segregating ions from a brine solution in  an electro-chemical cell.
The outcome is two streams of eWater – a powerful sanitiser and multi-purpose cleaner.


Onsite Generation

Utilising your mains water, electricity and an electrolyser brine an endless supply of eWater can be created.

eWater cuts the burden on endless harsh chemical consumables with its unique on-demand generation system.

eWater Cleaner

the solution

eWater Cleaner

A multi-purpose cleaner that you can use for stainless, glass, surfaces, floors, equipment cleaning.

It will also emulsify oils and fats, making it great degreaser. Completely safe we encourage you to use it wherever there is dirt and grime.

The Solution

eWater Sanitiser

A unique and proven antbacterial agent that you can use for all commercial and food safety related sanitising requirements.

Using a electrochemical process, eWater Sanitiser is a effective against bacteria such as E Coli, destroying bacteria cells and breaking down biofilms.

A better solution


Simple effective technology to cut out harsh volatile chemicals.


Proven to kill a wide range of bacteria, remove biofilms and breakdown FOG.


All natural, biodegradable solution that eliminates endless plastic consumables.


No artificial fragrances or scents, no chemical residue and hypoallergenic.

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Meet some our customers

eWater is used by organisation’s big and small and across industry – all united by a desire to reduce their use of harsh chemicals and provide a better environment for their staff and customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

eWater is a versatile solution that can be used across a wide range of applications and industries.

  • eWater Sanitiser is an effective all purpose sanitiser that can be used on high traffic touchpoints, surfaces, equipment, etc.
  • eWater Sanitiser is food safe and can be used to sanitise all fresh produce.
  • eWater Cleaner is an effective degreaser and can be used throughout kitchens.
  • eWater Cleaner is an effective surface, equipment, floor, window and glass cleaner.

See our product pages to download product data sheets or contact our team directly for more detailed information.

eWater Systems does not install systems directly. We have authorised technicians who we are able to recommend or alternatively we can work with your plumber.

Our team work with specifers and clients everyday to assist them designing an optimal solution for their projects. Contact our team if you would like to discuss how a reticulated system can work in your next project.

Electrolysed water is produced by segregating positive and negative ions from a salt solution to produce two solutions – Electrolysed Oxidised Water (eWater Sanitiser) and Electrolysed Reduced Water (eWater Cleaner).

eWater is produced by our electrolyser production system using only salt, tap water and electricity.

eWater is a completely safe and healthy solution with no harmful or volatile chemical ingredients. There is no requirement for PPE when using eWater.

  • eWater Cleaner has an indefinite shelf life provided it is stored appropriately.
  • eWater Sanitiser has an active shelf life of 7 days once produced from the system.

We love to help – Here are a few common questions we get asked about eWater. If your question isn’t here, try our knowledge base or get in touch.

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eWater is as effective as conventional commercial sanitisers but without all the nasties.


Looking for a solution that is more than just effective? eWater is safe and environmentally friendly.

Food Safety

eWater is an accepted food safe solution and can easily be integrated into your food safety plan.


eWater delivers robust sustainability credentials to your organisation. Find out more from the link below.