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The safe choice for hygiene management.

Effective, safe and environmentally friendly make eWater the proven choice for aged care and healthcare operators.

Hospital Entrance

Why choose eWater

Versatile and cost effective, eWater enables you to cut your dependence on chemical consumables. Replace endless containers and spray bottles with an on-demand solution that is safer to use, environmentally friendly and cost effective.

Safe & Healthy

No artificial fragrances or scents, no chemical residue and hypoallergenic makes eWater a healthy choice.


eWater has been proven to be effective at killing a wide range of bacteria including Listeria and E Coli.

Environmentally Friendly

Unlike conventional chemicals, eWater is produced from all natural ingredients with no additives or harsh synthetic components. eWater is certified by Australian Organics and GECA.

eWater Spray Bottles

Food Safe

HACCP certified food-safe cleaning and sanitising solution.

Gentle on Skin

No nasties means it is sensitive on skin. No more PPE and safe around patients and residents.


Safe and versatile surface cleaner for all applications.

Cost Effective

Reduce the cost burden of endless chemical consumables.

Kill Bacteria

Effective at killing a wide range of bacteria including Listeria and E Coli.

Remove Bio-films

Eradicate bio-films formed by gram-negative and positive bacteria.

Glass & Stainless

No residue glass and stainless cleaner.


Emulsify fats, oils and grease.

There is a reason for everyone

With safety and effectiveness core to our solution, we offer a range of additional benefits that ensure eWater is the best solution to remove harsh chemicals.

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Customer Stories

Learn how healthcare and aged care providers are making the move to a safer and cost effective alternative to harsh chemicals.

Support High volume production

Monash Health

Monash Health is one of Australia’s largest public health services, providing healthcare to a quarter of Melbourne’s population. Supporting this massive operation is the Monash Health Central Production Kitchen (MHCPK) which deliver over 1.5M meals per year.

eWater was reticulated throughout the site during its redevelopment in 2009 and ensures the operation maintains the highest food safety standards while greatly contributing to reducing chemical expense on site.

Monash Health
Regis Aged Care

Sustainability and performance

Regis Aged Care

Regis Aged Care is one of Australia’s largest private aged care providers managing over 7,000 operational places across 63 homes across Australia. eWater was first introduced in 2012 and can now be found in sites across Australia.

“Our staff love it, when they move to a kitchen without it – they are shouting out for it. Once you move to eWater you don’t go back.”

Mark Wilkinson
Regional Catering Manager

Choosing the best system for you

We are here to help you choose the best system for your organisation.

Standalone System

eWS Standalone System

Ideal for a quick and easy setup that can be dedicated in a single area such as your prep sink or cleaning room.

Reticulated System

eWAter AY Outlets

Utilising a base plant with multiple dedicated outlet points for handwash and tap faucets, our reticulation gives you a complete integrated solution.

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Find out more about the smart simple technology that creates eWater and what it can do.


Looking for a solution that is more than just effective? eWater is safe and environmentally friendly.

Food Safety

eWater is an accepted food safe solution and can easily be integrated into your food safety plan.


eWater delivers robust sustainability credentials to your organisation. Find out more from the link below.

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