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Features & Benefits | eWater


A hygiene solution
for a modern world.

You don’t have to look far for a reason to reduce our dependence on harsh synthetic chemicals. eWater is a better choice for business, for people and for our planet.

Its time to give harsh chemicals the boot

Whether it’s for better business, safety of those around you, or for environmental reasons, we all have a reason to reduce our dependence on harsh chemicals.

Ready to get started?

eWater Spray Bottles

GECA Certified

Australia’s leading environmental assurance certification program, GECA provides transparent and independant assessment of environmental credentials for you peace of mind when purchasing.

ACO CERT. NO. 12996

Certified Organic

eWater has been certified as an allowed input into organic food processing, eWater maintains the highest credentials for an environmentally friendly cleaning and sanitising solution.

B Corporation

eWater Systems has been a B Corporation for 4 years and has been recognised in 2017, 2018 and 2019 within the Global Impact Awards for Environment Impact.

Green Building Contributions

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Better for business

More efficient for your team

Integrated into your organisation with on demand technology, eWater is ready to go when and where you need it.
Produce an endless supply of ready to use solution and cut the time, resources and space needed to maintain, manage and mix chemicals.
Refilling eWater

Protecting brand reputation

eWater is a sustainable and safe solution that is more than just an ‘initiative’.
It makes a measurable everyday impact in your business by promoting healthy workplaces and safe environments for customers with environmentally friendly outcomes.

Cost Effective

Reduce the cost burden of endless chemical consumables that need to be managed and handled. eWater is a low-cost and scalable solution for organisations of all sizes that delivers a robust return on investment.

Meet some of our customers

eWater is used by organisations big and small and across industry – all united by a desire to reduce their use of harsh chemicals and provide a better environment for their staff and customers.

Better for People

Naturally Safer

Unlike conventional chemicals, eWater comes with no hazard and warning labels. It is safe to use and requires no protective equipment to handle.

Putting well-being first​

No artificial fragrances or scents, no chemical residue and hypoallergenic make eWater a healthy choice for business who care about their team and customers.

eWater Handwash


Because eWater is naturally safe, it is the ideal choice for environments with sensitive populations such as childcare, kindergartens and healthcare. eWater is safe and gentle on skin.

Customer Stories

Learn how these innovative businesses are using eWater to reduce their use of harsh chemicals.

ARUP Melbourne Office

Well being & Green Building

ARUP Melbourne

“eWater has eliminated the need for harsh chemicals for cleaning while reducing plastic waste from cleaning products – this results in a number of benefits from health and well-being, through to environmental, embodied energy and waste impacts.”
Samantha Peart ESD Leader, ARUP

Phil Woods

Large scale cleaning solution

ISS at Griffith University

Griffith University are making strides towards their 2020 sustainability goal by implementing eWater Systems across all five campuses.
Facilities services company ISS are on board and manage each system to produce cleaning and sanitising solution for cleaning the campuses.

Better for Earth

Natural and Organic

Unlike conventional chemicals, eWater is produced from all natural ingredients. Certified by Australian Organics as an allowed input into organic food processing, eWater maintains the highest credentials for an environmentally friendly cleaning and sanitising solution.


Reducing chemical residue risks and supporting waste water recycling, eWater is unique in that it naturally biodegrades back to its natural ingredients after extended contact with organic matter.

Reduce Waste

Produced on-demand in your business removes the need for excessive plastic chemical packaging that in many cases can’t be recycled. Use eWater with reusable containers and spray bottles and reduce your plastic and associated chemical trade waste in your business.

Refilling eWater

Learn More


Find out more about the smart simple technology that creates eWater and what it can do.


Effective and proven, eWater is the go to choice for those wanting a change from harsh chemicals.

Food Safety

eWater is an accepted food safe solution and can easily be integrated into your food safety plan.


eWater delivers robust sustainability credentials to your organisation. Find out more from the link below.

News & Insights

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