Disinfecting with Hypochlorous Acid

Hypochlorous Acid is a primary active ingredient in eWater, providing highly effective antimicrobial efficacy. This weak acid is also produced naturally by our white blood cells to fight infection and can be produced with only salt, water and electricity. Simple and Effective.

Removal of Foodborne Pathogen Biofilms by Acidic Electrolysed Water

Biofilm formation of foodborne pathogens on food processing surfaces is a major concern for the food industry. Controlling pathogen biofilm formation is hindered by their complex structures which limits the diffusion of sanitizers into the deepest layers of biofilms. In this study, the research team found that AEW had the ability to disrupt these structures and effectively eradicate foodborne biofilms.

The Science behind eWater

‘That Sounds to good to be true’. This is a statement we hear all the time when we start talking about eWater. We love hearing it, as it really hits home to us the impact eWater can make to our customers and in turn to their customers. Find out how it all works in this article.