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At eWater we help organisations cut their dependence on harsh chemicals and move to a sustainable alternative that is better for people and planet.

Our Impact

Everyday our customers make a decision to replace harsh conventional chemicals with eWater.

Diluted chemicals replaced


Cost savings

$ 1000000

Plastic waste reduction


* These metrics have been calculated utilising system operating hours and are based on metrics established by RMIT University’s School of Civil Environmental and Chemical Engineering study on benefits of electrolysed water. Plastic containers removed is based on a 5 ltr plastic container of cleaning or sanitising solution as replaced by eWater.

Refilling eWater

Our Story

Like many businesses, it all started with a conversation over an idea. For us this was the idea that there must be a better alternative to use of harsh chemicals used day in day out in every business around the country.

On the back of extensive research, eWater Systems was established with an exclusive license to bring a Japanese manufactured solution utilising electrolysed water technology to Australia.

Today, we are the market leader in sustainable hygiene systems for cleaning and infection control. Our customer base expands across healthcare, food processing, hospitality, aged care and child care.

Our Philosophy

Every day, in every organisation and home, we clean and sanitise to ensure a safe and healthy environment. Whilst we don’t give much thought to it, hygiene systems are an intrinsic and vital part of our modern world.

So vital in fact that we often don’t question the ingredients of the cleaning products we use and why the packaging is covered in warning symbols.

We here at eWater believe it is time for a change, time for transparency and time to reduce our unquestioned reliance on many of these products.

We strive to provide our customers with the tools and solutions that are effective, but not at the price of our planet or humans.

Chemical Storage

Responsible Business

We believe in the power of business as a force for good and strive to make a postive dent in the universe through our drive to reduce the use of harsh chemicals in our world.

Since 2016, eWater Systems has been a certified B Corporation. In doing so, we joined a community of over 3,000 organisations across 70 countries sharing a common belief to redefine business by balancing purpose with profits.

In 2017, 2018 and 2019 eWater Systems was recognised globally by B Corporation for ranking in the top 10% of B Corp organisations for our environmental Impact.

Our Leadership Team

Phil Gregory

Phil Gregory

Managing Director

Dawn ONeil

Dawn O'Neil AM


John Archer

John Archer

General Manager

Shironika Singh

Shironika Singh

Company Accountant

Advisory Board

Brett Lazarides​

Brett Lazarides

Governance & Investment

Geoff Harris

Geoff Harris

Strategy & Operations

Nick Santamaria​

Nick Santamaria

Technical & Research

Peter Tanner​

Peter Tanner

People & Culture

Nicholas Pullen

Nicholas Pullen


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