Month: May 2020

Understanding chemical sensitivities

With Australians heading back to their workplaces over the coming weeks and months, increased cleaning and hygiene standards will be a standout feature in the workplace. As we head back to these environments it is important to be aware of the chemicals being used around you and on your skin.

5 steps to avoiding harsh chemicals at work

With increased hygiene standards and practices expected across all workplaces, chemicals are more prevalent than ever at work. Research has found that one in five people1 have a chemical sensitivity that ranges from fragrance sensitivity to asthma-like reactions. Therefore, ensuring your workplace is healthy as well as safe is the key to a successful return to work.

Dark Waters Movie

More than 140 000 new chemicals and pesticides have been synthesised since 1950. Many are poorly understood and tested for toxicity. Dark Water an important film that exposes the dangers of this and highlights the spin-doctoring in the chemical industry.

eWater on set at Masterchef

In keeping with the highest standards demanded by the MasterChef Australia team, eWater combines TGA Commercial Grade Disinfectant designation and HACCP Food Safety compliance with the purity and safety of being Australian Organic certification.

Disinfecting with Hypochlorous Acid

Hypochlorous Acid is a primary active ingredient in eWater, providing highly effective antimicrobial efficacy. This weak acid is also produced naturally by our white blood cells to fight infection and can be produced with only salt, water and electricity. Simple and Effective.

eWater TGA Commercial Grade Disinfectant

Following independent laboratory testing the TGA has advised that eWater is now recognised as a Commercial Grade Disinfectant. When combined with our Organic and HACCP certifications, eWater on-site hygiene technology provides supply control to operators, delivering a compelling alternative to traditional chemicals.