Month: November 2019

“We love to brag about our eWater System.”

‘We love to brag about our eWater System and I am regularly getting in the way of the kitchen staff to give tours of the system’. That’s Sean Bluett, Sustainability coordinator at STREAT, the leading Melbourne based social enterprise helping provide disadvantaged youths a pathway to a sustainable livelihood.

What our GECA Certification means for you

eWater Cleaner and Sanitiser are now certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA), providing another level of confidence for specifiers and our customers alike. Learn more about the certification, how it can help you and what eWater has been certified for in this overview.

How plumbing can enable sustainable outcomes

We speak with Colin and Pete Flynn from Think Sustainable Solutions. As both a sales and authorised service partner for eWater Systems products, they have a well of experience and insight into how eWater, waste reduction, and water conservation come together to deliver a future proof solution for their customers.