Aligning values with business at Mulberry Group

Nathan Toleman, Founder and CEO of Mulberry Group doesn’t mince his words when it comes to why he has installed eWater Systems at all his venues. ‘eWater importantly aligns with our values – as people and as an organisation’.

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eWater aligns with our values - as people and as an organisation.
Nathan Toleman
Founder & CEO

At a Glance


Mulberry Group
@Common Ground



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eWater Standalone System




Food Prep
Front of House Cleaning
Kitchen Washdowns



Setting the standard

Nathan Toleman and his partners have long been part of the Melbourne hospitality landscape with local favourites including Higher Ground, Liar Liar, Kettle Black and Top Paddock.

Known for setting the standard in the industry, the team have recently moved onto new projects under the Mulberry Group. 

As expected, they have maintained their innovative approach and high standards in developing new venues.


A time for change

Last year Nathan Toleman’s Mulberry Group sold a number of its iconic venues, with a plan to grow and evolve.

Wind forward 12 months and the Mulberry Group have opened three new venues and a social enterprise designed to improve chef’s mental health by putting them in touch with the land.

As expected from a group that has come to epitomise the Melbourne café scene, the new venues – Hazel, Liminal and Dessous, continue their pedigree in pioneering and setting the standard for Melbourne Cafes and Restaurants.

Onboarding eWater

At each new site, eWater has been included in the kitchens and cleaning areas to replace conventional cleaning and sanitising chemicals. A single standalone system is supporting each venue for back of house, front of house and food prep applications.

As a certified organic, food safe solution it is the product of choice for chefs who believe that the quality of their food is related the environment in which it is handled.

In addition, eWater is a GECA certified environmentally friendly solution, providing a high level of assurance for business leaders that care about the safety of their staff and customers along with the good of the planet.

Hazel Restaurant

Common Ground Project

Situated just outside of Geelong in Freshwater Creek, the group have recently opened Common Ground. Established to support chefs across the hospitality industry, the site is a co-working bio-dynamic farm where city chefs can get their hands dirty and their heads right.

Grounded in the principles of mindfulness, wellness and reconnection, the social enterprise offers a quid pro quo: for a subscription of $230 a week, its cafe and restaurant members send their chefs to weed, water and dig one day a week in the leased 1.6 hectares. In return, they get a share of all the produce grown, along with an immeasurable sense of wellbeing.

Common Ground Project

The Results

While still early days with the systems all installed in the past 6 months (at time of writing), eWater has quickly been embraced by the team with the ability to replace the conventional chemicals that have been the mainstay of the hospitality industry for a generation.

Matching environmental benefits with safety has been a winner for all, as to has the ability to reduce their need to maintain, manage and store chemical consumables – particularly where space is a precious commodity.

Note from author – we will update this story with impact measurements in the near future so check back to see how this story unfolds.


We have found eWater to be a wonderful and effective alternative to the conventional chemicals we have always used in the past. The solutions are used across all our new venues and are effective, safer for our staff (and customers) and better for the environment.
Nathan Toleman
Founder & CEO

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Aligning values with business at Mulberry Group

Nathan Toleman, Founder and CEO of Mulberry Group doesn’t mince his words when it comes to why he has installed eWater Systems at all his venues. ‘eWater importantly aligns with our values – as people and as an organisation’.

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