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Redefining Food Hygiene

eWater is now certified organic

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eWater utilises smart environmentally friendly technology to generate an endless supply of safe cleaning and sanitising solution. Proven and effective eWater is the choice for those ready to ditch harsh chemicals.

We help you ditch harsh chemicals


No harsh or synthetic chemicals. No endless plastic consumables. No more PPE. Simple.


eWater has been proven to be effective at killing a wide range of bacteria including Listeria and E Coli.


No artificial fragrances or scents, no chemical residue and hypoallagenic makes eWater a healthy choice.


Reusable consumables, naturally biodegradable with no synthetic components make eWater the best choice for our planet.

eWater Spray Bottles

Kill Bacteria

Effective at killing a wide range of bacteria including Listeria and E Coli.

Work with Food

HACCP certified food-safe cleaning and sanitising solution.

Floor Cleaner

Floor scrubber compatible floor cleaner.

Clean Surfaces

Safe and versatile surface cleaner.

Remove Bio-films

Eradicate bio-films formed by gram-negative and positive bacteria.

Produce Wash

Effective food wash and sanitiser with no effects on produce.

Glass & Stainless

No residue glass and stainless cleaner.


Emulsify fats, oils and grease.

There is a reason for everyone

Everyone has a reason to want to cut down on harsh chemicals. eWater is the versatile commercial solution.

Learn from our customers

eWater is used across industry and by businesses of all sizes.  Meet some of our customers who have made the move to ditch harsh chemicals.

Making an Impact

Everyday our customers make a decision to replace harsh conventional chemicals with eWater. These decisions led to a measurable collective impact that grows everyday.

An outcome that is better for people, better for the planet and better for business.